Why Are Bengalis So Excited About Durga Puja?

Durga Puja is here, and like all true Bengalis, I too am excited for the celebrations to begin.  Though I have never lived in West Bengal,  Durga Puja used to be a rather important part of my life since childhood and the excitement would start right from the beginning of the month, when mom and I would go shopping for our new clothes and shoes and accessories.

I have been asked many times why do Bengali people go berserk during the Pujas. Well… Duh!! We wait for the entire year for those 5 days!  So obviously we become a tad zealous. These are the things that make us go crazy during those 5 days…

Breath taking creativity, hand crafted customary motifs and aesthetic designs of the pandals bring any city to life.puja-pandals-decorations-itemmom

Tasty food is the lifeline of almost all Bengalis. The Puja pandals always beam with various culinary treats from Bengal. Even if the Pooja is happening in a different city, the food counters will have exclusive menu from Bengal flourishing all over the place.bengali-food-itemmom

Although the occasion is religious, Puja pandals become the hubbub of social mingling. It could be considered as the best place for dating pairs, or families showing off the son/daughter for matrimonial connections. People dressed in their fineries fit right in this melting pot of cultural brouhaha.puja-pandal-friends-hookups-image

This is the occasion of reunion and rejuvenation. Friends, family and extended families get to meet and make merry. So yes… we do go crazy enjoying every itty bitty moments of those 5 days…

durga face

 Wishing Everyone A Happy Durga Puja!!!!!

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  1. Shonali Mitra says:

    True… Reunions with friends and cousins and who can forget fish fry and dimer devils and egg rolls… Truly a fabulous time…

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