Deep Blue Sea


OMG! Let me begin with saying that this new #BuildWithHotwheels video is one of the biggest coincidences this holiday season (Merrrrrry Christmas!!). Who knew that the day I pick up the Hot Wheels colour changing car set for the kiddo, Rob will come out with a video incorporating just those in the brilliant world he created. My head is still spinning with the endless possibilities of creating worlds with it while I am reeling in his latest video.
dscf6299 We know that real cars can’t speed through shipwrecks. But with creative play, we can explore even that possibility. Teaching is an integral part of being a parent, we teach our kids life skills and life lessons, we teach them to live and to be good humans, and we are also their first educational (academic) teachers. We teach them about languages, people, different worlds and things that surround us. I have realized that the best way to do that is through play with a purpose. So though you are playing with your children, you are also very subtly teaching them something about life.

After purposeful space explorations following #MadStuffWithRob and Hot Wheels last week, we are ready to dive deep in the blue sea. What insane fun is to have the cars changing colors at different water points.  How crazy it is to jump on ship decks and back into those loops (those loops are my favorite, really). Nope I am not high on Christmas cheer and wine; I just really love the colour changing cars. Truly.

The video where Rob showcases the latest world – Shark Attack can be watched here:

I have experienced the positive conversations that are initiated when you pick up such projects with your children. You may not have the bandwidth of making as elaborate as the set-ups that Rob does, but you can always derive inspiration from his work. Children who love to play with cars may not be just zooming them around anymore, they have a purpose of building their worlds around these cars and tracks.

dscf6249Children may want to create their own fantasyland, and you may be the one to guide them through it by using simple building ideas that can be done with cardboard scissors, glue and colors. Give the whole playtime a twist, make it imaginative and creative, and amplify it with some science and engineering. This whole experience would bring immense joy to your child, intensifying the parent-child bond and starting positive conversations that would be cherished for a long time in your child’s heart and mind.


Do share your experiences creating different worlds around these tracks with your children, below in the comments section. Also, share with us the conversations such a play ignited and reactions it elicited from your children.


  1. Parag K says:

    I bought Hot Wheels Robot Rampage and Rinse & Race play set for my child, but I play with them more than him.

  2. Shimpi says:

    This is so cool! Will try this with my son. He is 14.

  3. Leena says:

    I am planning to buy this for my kid as a new year’s gift. Hope I find it in Kolkata.

  4. Manjunath says:

    I follow your blogs on these track set worlds. I hope to see many more. I am not creative enough to make one, but reading this and watching the video itself is very entertaining for me.

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