Spacing out with Speed!


I am a complete space aficionado. Love everything about space, planets, galaxies etc. Only that Art had a stronger pull and that I could not catch up with Physics in time that I am a professional artist and communication person; else I had it all set for being a rocket scientist. Well, jokes apart, I have been haggling my mind to create a science project for my 6 year old that talks about space for a couple weeks now. Like a God send, this video of Rob creating his racetrack in space station theme came across.


I have been following the #BuildwithHotWheels series of videos diligently and what is striking about this series of videos is the endless possibilities of creativity and learning that it opens up for the children. Learning about a new topic is not a mundane classroom task anymore; it can be a fun bonding activity for the child and the parent. These racetracks are definitely not just about connecting the tracks; they are about the world that you can create around it. Having seen the previous videos, Lava Blaze and Dessert Storm, I wondered what new would Rob bring along, and then Bam, this space station came along.

Watch the video I am referring to here:

This #MadStuffWithRob video gave me a brilliant idea; I could use the kiddo’s racetrack and build the solar system around it to get the view from the moon. The racetrack can also turn into this exciting science project that would make it so much more fun. The terrain that is built around it could be as elaborate or as simple as one wants it to be. I can see endless possibilities there. I am personally sold to this space station that Rob has created. It also solves my concern of ‘what to do for the Christmas project’.

The race rally and drop force in the track-set would add that zing to racing after all. I do intend to get inspired by Matt Damon’s Martian as well for some elements at these junctures. What Rob does with the terrain is beyond amazing in itself. I kind of watched the video in a loop a few times to let the whole concept sink in. I am saving up on the soda bottles for the rocket. My space station may have a few of them!

As I am also following Rob’s previous videos on building different terrains trust me when I say he has done some mind-blowing stuff with those terrains. This however, takes it to another level altogether. So I am putting his ideas of a space station, making it on the moon and creating our solar system through that perspective. Also, making sure I have those small astronauts floating around.

The cars that kiddo has would be a part of this science project, they would zoom, dash and loop on the power tracks. What a brilliant way of teaching about our solar system and yet keeping the kids engaged in playful creative work. I would let him ‘space out’ positively! I am on my way to pick up supplies to create this beauty. It would be lovely for you all to share what you have done with the HotWheels Racetrack Sets. We would want to hear about the worlds that you would like to create around your tracks.



  1. Pallavi says:

    Your post is so inspiring. I intend to make Paris city with my kid!!! Shall post pics soon.

  2. Shalini says:

    My kids and I are such a huge fan of Rob. We are going to try this Space set-up. Pls keep writing more about what he comes up with next.

  3. Anjali001 says:

    This article has inspired me to buy my son this hotwheels track and make new new worlds.

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