How does it feel when you think in a certain way and this leads to you not being invited to join events? The answer is simple — You feel left out!!

inclusion-be-kind-imageJust because someone’s brain is wired differently than yours is it fair to overlook them and their opinions.

There are many glaring questions on this topic. We can simplify the situation by paying attention to the following;

Learning inclusion starts at birth and the foundation is laid at home. Kids always learn by association or follow role models from a tender age. So having positive and inclusive role models to look up to and associating with inclusiveness is important. It is the basic issue right now in the world, if resolved can do away with a lot of conflict.

There are many kinds of discrimination or bigotry ingrained in our society based on colour, creed, ingenuity, abilities, nationality, ethnicity, etc. The list is endless. So to teach kids that just because their classmate is a few shades darker or is slower in grasping lessons or is always hyperactive and illegible in speaking they are not to be ostracized.

Practise to include. Children learn to get around all kinds of people faster than we adults do. Incorporating inclusion in the daily routine is a must where you could have a peer buddy where a higher level performing could be assigned to help and guide the special needs  or socio-psychologically challenged kids; of course under adult supervision.

inclusion-imageHelping others who are lesser privileged than you is an important stepping stone to reiterating the principle of inclusion.

Teaching the kids as per their understanding and adaptability is the key to inclusion.

Respect is the basis on which this inclusion is built up on. Ask kids not to laugh at friends who stammer. Encourage kids around you who need more time with speaking or writing or are of a different community to interact with you and see your little one’s follow suit.


Inclusion is a necessity, especially now, with all the negativity floating around. Remember you are in competition only with yourself and no one is greater than you and you are not greater than them.


So include and be at peace.



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