The Challenges and Joys of Single Parenting

It may sound sad to know that more and more families today are being headed by a single parent. The reasons may be abandonment, death or divorce which leads to one of the parents having to cope with the challenges of single parenting. It remains one sole person’s responsibility to care for and nurture the child while being a role model as well.

The reality of Single Parenting is quite intricate and complex as it deals with emotional, economic as well as social pressures, yet with the right mind-set and courage, one can overcome tough situations.

Although, it’s not all that bad if you look at it from another perspective – just as you face challenges meant for two, you gain just as much joys and rewards too!

Only a few parents are ready for situations like these and most tend to feel stressed out with the loss of a partner and having many additional tasks at hand, apart from raising a child single-handedly.

First and foremost, single parents need to address the challenges with a strong mind and accept the rewards gracefully. Here are a few tips and strategies which can make a big difference to single-parenting and help you cope as well as look out for little joys and big rewards on the way.

  1. Involving yourself in daily as well as interesting activities shall help you cope with the loss of your partner.
  2. Enable yourself to adjust to the new role, responsibilities and circumstances with a positive approach.
  3. Helping children cope with the situation and providing continuity with regards to their education, sports and extra-curricular activities at the earliest makes a huge difference to their well-being and yours too.
  4. Making children understand the situation and face challenges together as a team will take a huge amount of burden off your shoulders.
  5. Setting strict rules to be followed and being clear of the consequences as well helps maintain a proper decorum at home, easing your tasks while disciplining children.
  6. Always maintain a strict discipline yet give your kids your unconditional love and attention. As far as possible, try and give your child a good and healthy environment to grow. Studies and sports should not be affected. Continue with your story-telling sessions, visit malls and parks with them and try to maintain the regular family life as much as possible.
  7. Giving the child adequate care and nourishment while balancing work and home life is essential.
  8. Overcoming feelings of inadequacy and doubt and maintaining self-confidence in the house and outside as well should be on your list.
  9. Keeping yourself fit by proper nutrition and exercise – your role demands tasks of two and you cannot afford to ignore your health in the midst of multi-tasking.
  10. Organise well – your home and office. You need to work smarter and harder!
  11. Manage your finances efficiently, curb where you can and spend smartly.
  12. Ask for help when you need it – call on friends and family, they understand.

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  1. Ronny Singh says:

    Recently I became a single-dad to my 8 year old daughter… and although I am finding it difficult to adjust, I cannot even imagine how she is feeling….

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