5 Symptoms Of Stress That We Should NEVER Ignore

5 Symptoms of stress that we should NEVER ignore

Mental stress not only affects us emotionally but physically too. So many times we see some or all of these symptoms in our friends or family members and yet cannot comprehend the depth of it. We even ignore these on us because you know… “What the hell… too much work and no time for emotional wellbeing”…

Let us be more proactive and look out for these signs, and if see them on a regular basis then a doc’s visit is imminent on the cards for our wellbeing.


That might lead to migraines which in turn may have side effects like sensitivity to light, smells, and sounds. Unchecked migraines only become worse, so visit a doctor at the earliest if this is a regular phenomena.



chronic-fatigue-syndrome-typesLethargy & chronic Fatigue

Even after a good night’s sleep if one is waking up being tired and listless, or suffering from chest pains then we should get it checked out by medical practitioners to rule out any other ailments.




InsomniaLack of sleep

Stress often leads to lack of sleep or disrupted sleep as it affects your body’s ability to regulate its sleep-wake instincts, causing insomnia.




affected-sex-lifeAffected sex drive

Chronic stress produces too much of Cortisol in our body, which ends up suppressing our sex hormones, hence the dip in libido.




Lower immune systemlower-immune-system

We come back to the over production of Cortisol due to chronic stress. This suppresses the release of DHEA hormone which supports and strengthens the immune system. Other than that, lack of sleep also reduces the immune system.


These are just a few of the physical symptoms that can be seen when someone is suffering from chronic mental or emotional stress. There are more of these. It is imperative that these should not be ignored.

We have to be there for ourselves. Only when we are at are 100% both mentally and physically, can we do our jobs and be there for others completely. Plus healthy living is always a better option than not been well…

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