You must keep in mind these things while grooming your baby!!!


Babies are beautiful. They need no make-up, no hair curlers or lipstick. They are just adorable the way they are! Yet, they too need some grooming which not only shall primp up their appearance but helps them stay healthy.

Some of the best baby grooming tips we receive are from our own mothers – the bathing, hair drying and bundling-up techniques we get to learn from her are tried and tested – of course, on us! Yet, there are some things we get to learn from books, friends and the internet. Here are a few suggestions for new mums to help groom their gorgeous babies in ways that keep them healthy and comfortable.

Tips for the Tub:

Make bath time a fun affair for your baby rather than a screaming and wailing session. Also, be at your most attentive when she is in the tub. Handling babies while they are slippery is a task you need to be careful about.tub-rules-image

  • Most babies love to splish-splash in the tub and most mums are happy letting them do so, yet as a rule, babies under a year old should not be in water for more than ten minutes as it dries up their skin.
  • Better to use non-toxic bath toys, such as boats and ducks, rather than foam as it tends to dry up the skin sooner apart from being full of chemicals.
  • Make it a habit to use baby lotion or cream right after the bath as the skin gets dry post bath and has more chances of chapping.

Nail Clipping:

Although cutting your babies nails is a quite a task, it is absolutely necessary as keeping them short lessens the chances of your baby scratching herself or worse, breaking a

  • Your baby will never stop fidgeting and that’s what makes this task almost impossible but it works like magic if you try while she is asleep. Even better is if she sleeps off right after a bath as water softens the nails making them easier to clip.
  • Nursing is a good distraction for babies and you may try clipping then too.
  • Filing their nails is a good option if you are scared of cutting or hurting her.
  • Never ever bite their nails off, no matter how caringly or delicately you may do so as your mouth is full of germs – many more than you can imagine! Doing so will transfer all of those onto your little one’s pretty fingers – which won’t take time in reaching her mouth.


There’s no such thing as ‘bad-hair-day’ for babies but its necessary to keep them prim and proper using correct

  • Flaky Head? Do not worry, it will clear up on its own or if you must, use cradle-cap treatment but resist the urge to peel it off.
  • Most dark-haired babies tend to lose their hair later, which is normal and a part of their growing-up process. The lighter haired babies shed their hair in the womb itself, which is why they are born with less hair.
  • If you notice bald spots, don’t panic! It is usually because of their sleeping position. The area which rubs against the mattress the most, tend to leave some hair on it.








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