Chronicles of a new father: The ‘Gone-Case’ Phase!

“Doraemon and Nobita are innocent, blissful and probably the most peaceful cartoon characters in the world.” I know you will say that this is the most outrageous lie that you have ever heard. But, my dear friends, fellow country parents, wait for your child to grow beyond 5 years of age and this statement will hold true.

The beautiful growing up phase of their playgroup and nursery is spent in building imaginative gadgets, behaving obnoxiously like Nobita and goofing around with their friends emulating this decades old Japanese cartoon series or Chhota Bheem. As you try to wean them away from the ill effects of this series and other similar cartoons, they’ll shift to a physically and mentally taxing gadget called mobile. In my earlier blog I did mention about how this particular device and its unlimited APPS, functionalities is making parents insecure and gaining step parent feeling from their kids.

But, this is not about only mobile. 4 sure shot examples or rather symptoms that your kid has entered the ‘gone case’ phase of his life or at least from our perspective.

DJ Bravo

If your son keeps on repeating this music less and utterly gibberish song at any opportune moment of the day, then welcome to this phase. It just keeps on repeating and when his friends meet up then it’s all hell broke loose. Sad part is that you hear such songs so many times, especially on weekends, that by the end of the day even you start muttering the same. The other day I innocently played Ed Sheeran to change the mood and tempo and all I hear these days is ‘I’m love with your body.’

Pikachu is stronger

DD Metro – These two words are etched in our minds with some wonderful memories of Johnny sakko and Giant Robot, He Man, Spider Man and then some other interesting serials that I’ve forgotten thanks to Pikachu, Mokachu, Terimaa ki … whatever! These are the names of Pokaemon characters. If Chinese have invaded our goods market, then Japanese have invaded are cartoon serials market. The kids leave Doraemon which was at least imaginative and now they hop on to all competition based, senseless cartoons like Pokaemon, Bayblade something …

Worse still, all these cartoons have a huge market of bags, toys, apparels … Pikachu makes our wallet weaker!


The other forms of this word, commonly referred to as back answering technique, are ‘What’, ‘so what’, ‘Kya’, ‘Give me 2 mins’, ‘              ‘ (blank space implies silence from their end. They have heard you yet they have not heard you maybe because what you are saying is not worth responding to).

While you revel at your kid’s confidence, smartness and adaptability to various situations and scenarios, yet deep within you dislike this audacity. And then the mind wanders off to one’s childhood days. Firstly we dint have the guts to respond in this manner and even if some unfortunate day the spark of back answering flickered, then it was immediately put off by a stern look or warning or the fingers on the cheeks did the talking. Well, it’s the new era. Communication is the key today to bridge the gap while the hands are firmly placed in pockets!

Food Allergy

In the growing up phase, we often seen mummies and their associates (parents, in laws, maids, cooks, husbands and even neighbors) running behind their kids with a bowl in hand. The TV channels, Tablet movies, Mobile games and even the stupid pigeons on the window sill come in handy to make the child survive. Aah, wait till the kid grows up. You can replace the pigeon with a penguin and yet not make him eat stuff that he or she dislikes. But then you serve some junk food and voila!


Life is a wonderful journey and your gone case kids are surely making it challenging



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