Why Crushing Over Someone Makes you MISERABLE!!!!

Crushing over someone is an awesome feeling. The best part is… there is no age limit for you to crush over someone. It makes the heart grow fonder of new things. It is not cheating, it is just a peak-a-boo and you enjoying the work of nature.

However, like all good things it is not 100% good. There are times when the following things happen and frustration runs wild.

You turn into a bumbling brambling baboon

Best buddies get to exercise the power of speculation which confuses you further


You regress to being a 16-year-old and giggle at the most inappropriate moments

Pondering over each action of his and self-debating whether he likes you back

The feeling of anxiety whenever he is around

Finding an excuse to speak with him or be in the same room as him


We believe that no matter how many times we have made fools of ourselves in front of our crushes, it is still a great boost for the heart. That feeling of heart fluttering and throat drying up when you see your crush in front of you is the fabulous and that is needed to brighten up a bad day!!!!

So have fun and crush on!!!


PS: When we say “crush on”, we do not mean go ‘psycho’ over the person. Just sit back, sip on your green tea and enjoy the good feeling —-  that is your crush…




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