What is Freedom?


We are all dependent in many more ways than we think we are not. Maybe as a race, we are conditioned from the day we are born to follow the herd. Dress in an appropriate manner rather than what you want. Think before you talk rather than speak your mind. What would others think if we did a certain thing a certain way rather than the expected way? So, on and so forth.

What does freedom mean to you?
Simply the dictionary stating that to non-conform and not be ruled by someone else. Is it only about non-conforming, a rebellion or just a political notion or just a particular date on the calendar to be celebrated mechanically and then forgotten for another year?

Independence and freedom are interlocked, one is intertwined with the other. You cannot be independent in your thoughts till you are not free of your fears of failing. You cannot be independent in your talent until you conform to what others think of your skill. Independence in the spoken word cannot be achieved until you do not break free from peer and societal pressure.

Independence and freedom come with its own set of responsibilities. Being free doesn’t imply that it’s the end yet. It paves the way for further self- introspection, to work to better oneself and the surrounding. Freedom from the shackles of obsessed autocratic individuals. To enlighten and uplift others about their rights and encourage democratic ways of thinking.

So, whenever you celebrate your Independence Day next, be sure to be free of all fears and vices and celebrate the good that’s happening around you and support good causes and people. Live and let live should be the true crux of this Independence.

So are you truly free? Think deep, my friends.


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