Top 5 family board games to play with growing kids

There are many advantages to have a family of four. However, by far the biggest advantage is that a family of four can play almost all indoor games together. We as a family are big on indoor games. Almost daily without fail, we try to spend the 30 minutes before the kids hit the bed playing a board game.

Hence I thought I must share my top 5 indoor / board games that all of us thoroughly enjoy and I am sure you will too.

Blokus (age 5+)Brokus_game_image

This by far is the most amazing game we have played and continue to enjoy even two years after we first started playing it. Rules are simple — arrange your blocks on a grid with the edges touching but not the sides. The game involves a lot of strategy about finding the best spot for your blocks while blocking others’ spots. We get so involved in the game and get super competitive. I strongly recommend this game for all families of 4.


Sequence (age 6+)

sequence_game_imageThis game takes a little bit of used to understanding the cards and also their positions on the board. But once that’s been done, the game is super simple. It involves team work which is very important to learn while growing up. There isn’t as much strategy involved as Blokus but it’s a lot of fun.



Dobble (age 4+)dobble_game_image

This is one of the first games we started playing. Dobble is all about speed in spotting two similar figures on the two cards open in front of you. It’s so easy yet so difficult! We play variations of the game too, one of them being that you have to have the smallest pile at the end of the game. Kids love the game and so do the adults!


UNO (age 4+)

uno_game_imageI could have said 3+ but you want the kids to hold the cards properly in a fan shape and not keep dropping them clumsily every now and then. I don’t need to tell you what the game is all about. It’s an all-time classic.



Pictureka (age 5+)pictureka_game_image

This is a blown out version of Dobble where one has to spot a picture on 5 large boards similar to the one on the card in hand. This game too has variations, all worth trying.



While there are many other games like Junior Pictionary, Scrabble, Tabboo, etc, my above compilation is purely out of our personal experience of playing a game almost each night.


All families must play together. It’s the best thing to do!!!








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