‘Logan’ — The Movie Review

  • Movie Name – Logan
  • Ratings – R
  • Duration – 2 Hours 17 minutes
  • Genre – Action/Drama/Sci-Fi
  • Director – James Mangold

***************SPOILER ALERT*****************


I have grown up with Wolverine/X-men comics and the movies. So my excitement and anticipation was beyond comprehension when I had pre-booked ticket for ‘Logan’. 2 reasons for my excitement…

  • It is a Wolverine movie.
  • This is Hugh Jackman’s last time as Wolverine.

I had no idea what I was going in for. You see normally I am ok with spoilers. I do not get a heart attack anytime someone spills the bean of a book or a show or a movie. However, for this movie, I had kept myself away from reading any news or watching any Easter eggs or trailers or trailer breakups or anything that would give away even an ounce of the story.

wolverine -movie-posterSince I am an avid reader of comic books, while watching the movie I realized lots of inspiration was taken from the comic book “Old Man Logan” with few changes as well.  This movie raises the bar for all other superhero movies. Set in the year 2029, ‘Logan’ talks about the final journey of our favourite clawed and flawed superhero Wolverine, who is hiding under the plain sight using his given name James Howlett. He is hiding out with a debilitated Professor X and another Mutant named Caliban near the Mexican border. In a world where Mutants are almost extinct and the survivors are being hunted, they come across a young mutant named Laura Kinney (X-23) and all hell breaks loose.

What makes this movie way different than other superhero movies you may ask?

Well, director James Mangold has done a fabulous job of telling the story of dethroned and aging superheroes. It very shows no matter how strong you are, there comes a time when nothing is in your control. For example, Professor X – once one of the strongest Mutants ever with his psychic abilities of mind control and illusions, does not even have control over his mental faculties anymore most of the time. While what enhanced Wolverine’s power (Adamendium laced bones) is what is poisoning him now.

Why you should watch the movie?

  • Fabulous acting by Hugh Jackman and Sir.Patrick Stewart! Dafne Keen is fairly a new kid on the block but can give a run for money to other actors of her age.
  • The movie is sure to tug at your heartstrings and may be just may be if you are like me you might shed few tears well at certain scenes.
  • You don’t have to be a superhero movie fan to enjoy the movie!


Image Courtesy – IMDB


  1. Roshni James says:

    Heartbreaking movie… especially when Charles X Xavier died. Watched it on friday itself…

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