Shedding Pounds Post Pregnancy…

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Have you ever wondered how Malaika Arora Khan looked like million bucks even after she delivered, or Serena Williams got back to French open 5 months after she delivered? You too can do that…

I asked myself “how do I want to feel this winter? Fit or Jealous”

It was amidst the month of July when my bundle of joy was few days old, looking at her would make me forget the world and take me to la la land whereas reality would strike while looking myself in the mirror and give me a jolt of — “come out of the dreamland…!!”

Well, it goes without saying that your mind has to flow with the tide of time. It was me who loved carrying that bump around, be it getting dressed up for the family gatherings, being pampered at work, getting preference in the queue or posing for my prenatal photo shoot. The same me now wonders “Why can’t mosquitoes suck fat instead of blood”?

There came a lamentable side where my doctor suggested that I opt for a cesarean delivery (for reasons), and can only start working out post 3 months of the delivery. I realized I was miles away from the thought of losing weight in the first quarter after baby. All I did was to nurse my little one, eat, sleep and repeat.

A dream doesn’t turn in to reality through magic; it requires sweat, determination and hard work. Like my doc advised, the first day of 4th-month post-baby is when I pulled up my socks and the running shoes and my journey began by alternating Zumba and power yoga 6 days a week. Up until then “Would Thank Fitbit for helping me become the living room jogging champion”

Most women gain between 20 and 50 pounds during pregnancy, and then, when the baby arrives, are left to figure out how to juggle motherhood, new-found exhaustion and returning to the pre-baby weight.

Whether you need to drop five pounds or fifty, here are the most effective ways of losing weight and toning your muscles, post-childbirth.

  • During pregnancy

    Nursing: Like Robert Heinlein once said “Nursing does not diminish the beauty of a woman’s breasts; it enhances their charm by making them look lived in and happy” and not to forget There is no substitute for mother’s milk and also considered to be the best calorie burner , it not only gives food to the baby but also gives them energy and any which ways Nursing your baby keeps you on your toes the whole day.

  • Eating : There’s no such term as “Dieting” while your nursing or on maternity leave. Do not even give it a second thought; it would ruin your health as well as your toddler’s. I would term this as one of the privileged and paid vacation where you enjoy the MAA KA KHANA which is irreplaceable. There would be people dropping in every second day with a dabba full of home made sweets “Beta ye kha lo, woh kha lo” Never disappoint them, have everything that you crave for, eat proportionate and every 2-3 hours (Ain’t intending to sound like a nutritionist). Trust me and enjoy every bit of it, this is never going to come back, lock them in your heart to cherish all your life. Well, I Miss being Preggy.
  • Exercise : Do not indulge in to it just for the heck of it or societal pressure cos back then apart from nursing you got no better things to do in life and get kick started thinking if not now, never. By this, you would end up landing into more difficulties. Let your doctor and the body be the decisive factor. Start it slow and progressively increase. Working on your pelvic floor, going for gentle walks is a great way for most new mums to exercise which apparently will help to protect you against postnatal depression too.

Well, in my case Since I was into yoga and walking throughout and perhaps was totally active till the very last day of pregnancy, was at work till a week before my little one (Kaira) popped out so it was pretty much a cake walk for me. Much to my fortune, post-baby my body responded to workouts to the best of its ability.

Also, the Unsung Hero of this operations was my dear hubby, who pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and helped me getting back to shape.

After delivery

All I did was alternating Zumba and Power yoga for 3 long months, cos I only had to shed 10 extra gained kilos and am maintaining a healthy diet till date (not by starving or by munching salads all day) by having in bits and avoid junkies (Ok, you have your cheat days for that too)

As your strength returns, you can expand your walking routine by speeding up and taking longer walks. If you feel tired, don’t overdo things. Pace yourself and rest when you need to.

“Be aware of the undeniable fact that only SELF CONFIDENCE and pure DETERMINATION can help you enjoy this journey and love your body”. 

Friendships can very quickly become competitive whether that’s wanting to buy the better top, or something more sinister. It’s deplorable when you feel you’re in competition over body confidence.

Pressured diets can quickly turn into eating disorders, which never ends well. So, help friends see that there is nothing more beautiful than being healthy and loving the skin you’re in.

I’m writing this to tell you; remember to accept that your body is different than anybody else’s and you shouldn’t feel in competition with someone whose body is entirely different than yours.

Excess baby weight got you down? It happens to the best of us. Enjoy Motherhood, make it progressive, and overlook hoardings that say “Lose 10 pounds in 10 days”






  1. Superb efforts and amazing writing skills.
    Keep it up

  2. Sucheta Das says:

    Totally love the confidence you have. It took time for me to shed my baby no 2’s pregnancy weight, but I am ok with it…

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