Oil Pulling – The Dentist In Your Kitchen


We have all at one point or another experienced oral health issues. Be it a cavity, or bleeding gums, bad breath or like me….the “geographic tongue”.

All the text on geographic tongue suggests that while it looks weird, it doesn’t cause any pain. I can say that that is not true. While initially, my tongue wouldn’t hurt, off-late it started bleeding while I brushed my teeth and would burn when I ate anything spicy. As far as bleeding gum and bad breath we all know the pains.

Having tried it all, from brushing twice a day to flossing and using a mouthwash (bad idea that last one), I finally was ready to give up. I even tried using a paste made using turmeric and coconut oil (this one was good in that it helped rid some coffee stains from my teeth).

Recently I read about “oil pulling”. This method is that of using a tablespoon of oil (coconut oil is best) to swish around in your mouth, thereby riding your mouth of harmful toxins. The process is simple, you take a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil (unrefined) and swish it around your mouth for about 20 minutes. This should be done as the first thing after waking, don’t rinse your mouth or brush your teeth before oil pulling.


DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL!! – This is extremely important. Since the idea is to get toxins out of your system through oil pulling, swallowing oil that has pulled toxins is simply counter-productive. So if your mouth feels tired before the 20 minutes are up, that is absolutely fine, just go ahead and spit out the oil and rinse your mouth. Then brush as usual.

You do not need to oil pull daily. 3-4 times a week is just fine.

Both my husband and I have been oil pulling for a week now. I have to admit my tongue hurts a lot less, my teeth feel cleaner and seem whiter than before. Even my husband has commented on how his mouth feels fresh even at the end of the day. Bad breath is a thing of the past.

Give it a go, I may not be able to verify about the toxins being pulled out through your mouth, but I can definitely verify that your mouth will feel so much better for having oil pulled.

A doctor claimed that there are only 2 things on this planet that are digested right on the tongue – the first one is mother’s milk and the 2nd is coconut oil. Something to ponder about!!!!!

Image Courtesy – www.positvehealthwellness.com (inside image)

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