Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


So in other news BJP Government in Chattisghar has announced that 14th Feb (today) will be observed as Maata Pita Pujan Diwas instead of the blasphemous Valentine’s Day the entire world celebrates!



These sacrilegious people will surely secure a permanent icicle in the 9th circle of Dante’s Hell for relishing Valentine’s Day!

Dante's Inferno


Now that I have made politically inappropriate jokes about BJP’s rampant attempt to shove Hindutva ideology on everyone’s head, what I do want to ask here is Valentine’s Day restricted to carnal & eternal love between a couple? And why not extend the love to moms and dads and friends and everyone else?

My eternal love can very well be NOT carnal, it may be platonic and it may be for my mommy or for my bro or a best friend or any random individual I met millions of years ago.  I hope I can still celebrate Valentine’s Day and not secure a seat in Hell for this!!! I have many other sins for a reserved front row seat in Hell, but not this!!!!

love-smiley-with-a-heartSo I am gonna go out of my way to say “I love you” to my family and friends and wish everyone a very Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!





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  1. Preet Kapoor says:

    Valentine’s Maa ki Jai 🙂

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