Gaping Oxymorons of Our Society


Gaping Oxymorons of Our Society

India, as a country, is a weird concoction of incongruities. On one hand we are boasting that we are achieving modernization socially, financially and culturally. On the other hand, we are still killing people for religion, love and any disagreements. Corruption, greed and hatred are at their peak. We are intolerant towards anyone or anything different from our so called culture. But Hell Yeah!!! We are definitely achieving modernization!!!!

Few things that make my blood boil are these anachronisms.

Separating a son from their parents after his marriage is an absolute cruelty, but women should leave their parents behind and live in their husband’s homes taking care of his parents.

For our dear moral police it is tolerable that a man takes out his dangly bit and pees in public, but dare 2 fully clothed people kiss.

Women are neglected and mistreated more often than not, but you cannot take an artistic liberty on any historical character because her reputation will be marred.

A male boss is being rude and gives you an order; you suck it up and do the bloody job. However, if a female boss does the same, then you ridicule her and check ‘if it is that time of the month’ or she is just being bitchy.

We pray to various deities like Durga, Kali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Santoshi Maa with tremendous vigor, but do not feel a bit apologetic in harassing or molesting the girl walking by.

Lord Ganpati is loved and revered by all, and we spend gigantic amounts of money in erecting huge effigies. On the other hand, we do not have an iota of shame using a poor elephant in the circus or worst, killing it for its tusks.

Let us know in the comments section below what irks you with the current manner our society is running towards its disintegration.


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