PetFed 2017 – The Pet Festival

A well spent weekend was what it was!


I had decided to go to the PetFed 2017, the Mumbai edition for the weekend. It was an awesome 2 days festival. An annual event in Delhi, PetFed had their maiden voyage in Mumbai this year.

itemmom-petfed-tired-doggoDay 1 (Saturday) I went in the morning. Quite a few dogs with their parents came in. However, the heat was so much that the poor guys could not enjoy much. They were tired, panting and rather restless. Poor doggos did not even wish to play in the off-leash area where there were lots of exciting stuffs like ball pits, trampolines and slides.  It was a good thing that I decided against bringing my babies there.



PS: I had a certain budget in mind for my furry babies when I went there… but ended up buying things way beyond my budget. The shops were great, and most of them had amazing amount of discounts on their products.itemmom-petfed-stalls

Day 2 (Sunday) I went in the evening and the place seemed like the doggy heaven. Such varieties of breeds were seen – giant pit bulls, normal size pit bulls, Doberman, Rottweiler, GSD, Pug, Labrador, Border Collies, Huskies, Afghan Hounds, Shih tzu, few Chihuahuas and so many other foreign breeds.  Since I have 2 Indies, I had kept an eye out to see if there were other Indies. It was rather sad to see that only 3 to 4 Indies had come.

I watched the security dog show and it was mesmerising to the core. Seeing those pooches work their way was beyond awesome. The bond between the trainer and the dog was fascinating to watch. I could not stay back for the fashion show due to other engagements, but I saw some of the divas prepping for the event and they looked super cool in their tuxedos and tutu skirts.itemmom-petfed-tutu

Overall, they had a good first year. However, they needed to have more shades made available for people & pets who did not have the VIP pass. The watering hole for the pets also needed at least an umbrella on top of them as the bisleri bottles had gotten extremely hot in the day time.

itemmom-petfed-shaadi-dogOn the plus side, there were so many exciting stalls like ‘Discover Dogs’  (Information and cool facts about dog breeds) and ‘’ – a match making booth for your pooch. The cat zone was everything a cat person would want it to be.  Also loved the tags that were given to the visiting doggos – blue for “cool one”, green for “good one” and red for “bad one” so that people like me, who are tempted to stop and pet every dog on the planet, know that “bad one” may not want to petted or interacted with.



On the whole, it was a great experience, and I am sure that it will get better in the coming years.




Image courtesy – PetFed (main image)



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