Lip color trends for 2017

“Never be afraid to show your true colors!!!”

In all parts of world of beauty & cosmetics, lip colors are women’s second most favorite product to play with after Kohl. In fact lip colors are most essential must-have item along with your car keys to tissue pare in your purse.

Over the years, we can say that lipsticks have attracted the attention of ladies from 3 years to 70 years (and more).  While some keep rolling  and experimenting every now and then with new colors, mixing of two or more and inventing their own favorite color to match particular saree dress or hair color streak..… (Yes of course!!!), some of us stick to our signature color and brand forever.


What I believe is that this year going to be loads of mingling of retro colors and fluorescent ombre to dazzle the New Year. This year’s lipstick trends will be ruled by dark maroons, brown, fluorescent greens, electric blues, bubbly pink. The spectrum will range from bold black to stunning red, glittery gold to silver and bronze. Of course lip gloss will make its come-back as well.

Let’s have an individual look as to what colors are going to dominate and steal the show in 2017….

PINKS – Magenta, hot pinks, bubble gum pink etc. These colors make lips look perfect delicate and pretty.lipstick_trends_of_2017_pinks_image







Dazzling fluorescent – lipstick_trends_of_2017_flurescents  These UV lipstick colors have a smooth and creamy texture and of course glows in the dark. An ideal item for parties and gatherings with UV lights; Pinks, greens, yellow, blue to purple all going to make you wonder with jaw drop awww to wow…









Glitter shades – Glitter lip shades promise instant glamour. They come in all sparking colors including shimmery gold copper bronze and silver. You can find them both in liquid and solid form so go on and find the perfect shade for your glittery needs.





Rose – 90’S Rose shades are back.  The variety of shades from the muted subtle primrose roque to lovely bright red rose is bound to make you look classy and elegant.



Along with such trendy lip colors our all time bold reds and maroons and early 2000’s color are back again with statement lips to steal the show




Image courtesy – Pinterest, Youtube



  1. Anee says:

    WOW! I am definitely trying the fluorescent and glitter trends. Can you pls tell me where I can buy these shades?

    1. ItemMom ItemMom says:

      Hi Anee,
      Multi brand stores (both physical & online) keep a variety of these shades. You could explore them!

  2. Shonali Mitra says:

    I have bought the electric blue UV lipstick for this year’s new Year’s party… very excited to use it.

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