A Day In the Life of a Kindergartner

Early morning scenes are very dreadful. Mummy literally pulls me out of bed.

With eyes closed, the brush just being thrust into my mouth and then a quick bath much to my dislike, especially in winters.

Getting ready for school takes forever; why on earth a little human like me is being put through such treacherous early morning routines?

Then somehow milk or a banana given but half eaten. Who on this earth eats so early in the day? I just woke up didn’t I!

Then there is the race to the bus. The big yellow school bus which, according to me, seems to be either early or on time and happens to just be speeding away as if on a time bomb! Why can you not understand driver uncle, I am just a kid, you should wait no till I arrive?schoolbus-driving


Suddenly in search of my bus mate my sleep just flies off. Hey but the bus aunty makes me sit with a new girl. Why bus aunty WHY!!!!! Why can’t I sit with my best friend? I talk too much! So what do you expect me to look away and be bored?

Finally we finish our daily pick-ups and reach school and the bus aunty just bundles  us up in  a line outside the bus. The older kids walk away by themselves. Such a luxury!!! Why can’t I go on my own aunty? After all I have been going by this same class route since two years and now I’m almost going to grade 1? But NOOOO!!! bus aunty has no trust in us, still thinks we are babies.

After we are dropped to our class I  suddenly  light up on meeting  my class mates we just drop our bags and run on the carpet and in comes our teacher and asks us not to run. Why can’t we play till we don’t start a lesson, we can learn  while we play, can’t  we?

I just dropped a pencil and it is fun! But Teacher seems to not know fun and she corrects me. I do it again. It’s so much fun to annoy her sometimes.

I write a three letter word and finish my class work fast and my teacher gives me a star on my hand. I am on top of this world. Today I’ve conquered Mount Everest almost. I’m so happy!!!

In my break I sit with my friends and share my jokes, I forget to eat. I get reprimanded. Frankly I don’t like the stuff my mom has given me, somebody please help!! I want burgers and fries and a cold juice would help.

After this is dance and music class, I love it, it’s so cool, complete time-pass and no books. Yippee!

Finally we are done. It’s almost the end of class and so I bid adieu to my mates until I see them tomorrow.  It’s home time. See you tomorrow. Bye, bye!

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