OMG!!! Drinking warm water daily does these to your body!

Drinking warm water with lemon, honey or just simple warm water daily has lots of benefits. Some of us have the habit of eating a meal along with a cold drink. This is a rather unhealthy habit. This season let us try to have warm water as it only benefits us and bring us no harm unlike chilled/cold water which has a lot of negative effects on the body.

Let us check out some of the benefits that drinking warm water provides.


weight_loss_warm_water_benefitsWeight loss — A glass of warm/hot water in the morning does wonder to the metabolism rate, which is what is needed of you are looking to shed the extra love handles.  Since it is a no calorie drink, it does not add to already added unused calories in the body.




Detoxification –— Warm water is a potent detoxifying agent for the body. It helps flushing out toxins via sweat and urine. For better taste and results you can add in a dash of lime and a tea spoon of honey to the warm water




cold_and_cough_warm_waterRelieves cold and cough –— Hot water melts the phlegm and cleans the respiratory track, hence reliving you off that nasty cold and cough. Warm water or steam inhalation also combats nasal and throat congestion. For better results add a Karvol capsule for steam inhalation.





Better Blood circulation — Blood circulation is improved with a glass of warm water in the morning everyday which is important for proper muscle and nerve activities. It also improves the immune system.




Aids in digestion — Warm water after meals helps in speeding up the breakdown process of the food bits, which assists in quicker digestion. Also, drinking warm water on an empty stomach also improves bowel movements and removes constipation.


Let us know if we’ve missed out on any benefits and if you’ve tried any and approve of it!


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  1. Deepali Tiwari says:

    Very nice effects with just drinking Hot water everyday. Will start doing this.

  2. Leena says:

    Drinking warm water also helps in cleansing the body of acne and pimples.

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