Being a MOM away from home!!

When I learned I was pregnant, my husband and I were on the cusp of beginning life in America. We weren’t prepared at that time, neither were we when our little bundle of joy joined us officially in May this year.

My little knowledge of how easy or difficult being a mother was, came from my observation of friend’s who were themselves, mothers. Some working mothers others full-time mommies. And yet, nothing prepares you for the up’s and down’s of motherhood (mostly up’s)

I am a mother now for 6 months. My husband and I handle things on our own with no help from parents or other relatives. It’s a new lesson every day.

A few pointers I’d like to share with you too

  1. No matter how many times you have performed a task with your little one, believe me you are never going to be an expert, (s)he will find a way to surprise you. Happened this morning while changing my baby’s diaper and I have been doing this task daily for over 6 months now.
  2. Your relationship with your husband is being noted by your baby no matter how small. So shed your ego and be more loving. Happy parents bring up happy children.
  3. Grab a nap every time your baby naps. You will be tempted to get chores done when (s)he naps but believe me, you are not napping when they are awake, might as well get in those zzz’s while you can.
  4. Let your husband help. In fact insist on it. Change of diapers, bath time, and bed time all of it. He deserves to experience that part of raising a baby and you deserve a break.
  5. Please don’t be a germaphobe. Your child will have a crappy immune system if you don’t let them get their hands dirty. By all means insist they wash their hands before a meal, but don’t scare them off the playground.
  6. You must baby proof the house!!! YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO.
  7. Sing to your child, be silly…(s) he is going to love it.

 The ones below are stuff I believe and will put into practice as my child gets older, but true stuff nonetheless.

  1. Don’t expose your child to television before you get them hooked on books.
  2. Lastly, before you teach your child religion, please teach them about humanity.
  3. Most importantly, just enjoy your child as a baby; they don’t stay that way too long.


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