A Happy Mom!

Being a Mom does not mean you have to self-burden yourself and live a boring life. Here are a few quick ways to revive your soul and bring in the positivity and change.

Need a Helping Hand?

Don’t Miss out on those happy weekends with your buddies nor romantic dates with your husband. Going out of city limits or for a party, ask for help from family and friends who can babysit your kids until you return.

Step Out!

Nature is a mood enhancer. Go out, get some sun and fresh air! You may even take your baby in the stroller or your kid to play at the park.

Plan a Vacation

Plan a lovely vacation to the place of your choice. Sleep late, eat what and when you like, take pictures and relax the way you want. Life isn’t all about work, you know!

Get Cozydate-night-image

When was the last time you shared a romantic evening with your husband? Maybe this weekend you could send the kids away and snuggle up with him.

Eat, sleep and be merry

Some may consider their Dark Circles as a Badge-of-Honour but you need not. Try and get your eight hours of sleep back and see your face and spirits lift up. Plus you will notice a ride in your stamina too.


Regular exercise and nutritious meals are absolutely necessary for you. Make sure you drink plenty of water as well. A fruit and oatmeal for breakfast gives a good boost that shall last you long enough. Yet, do not skip on that weekend ‘Chocolate Sinner’. Indulgence is good sometimes.

Value the one you’re with

Never compare or compete. They may have bigger houses, brighter children or coolest gadgets. Learn to be happy with what is yours and value what you have.

Plan a little funspa-treatments

Buy yourself flowers when you want, take a spa treatment or meet your husband for lunch. It doesn’t take much to be happy!


Pick and choose

Spend time alone with your child at times, alone – not even with the sibling. It’s good talking to them one-on-one sometimes. Its fun plus you get to share more with each other without the sibling rivalry. Bliss!

Forgive and forget

The more we spend time brooding over issues, the more we punish ourselves. Just let go of whatever happened and move on! There are better days and ways waiting for us.


Kids love to watch their parents crack jokes and laugh aloud. Don’t shy away from a laughing spree. Having a hard laugh with your kids is one of the best known formulas of happy moms.

Cuddle up

Hug your kids and cuddle them whenever you get a chance to. It is a very happy feeling which will diminish as they grow up. Make the best of it while you can.itemmom_post_a_happy_mom_image


Image courtesy – http://www.childrenofamerica.com/ (date night image) http://daddysdeals.co.za/ (spa treatment image)


  1. Niranjan Yadav says:

    True… inner peace and happiness matters the most…

  2. Leena says:

    My hubby and I try to plan a date-night every fortnight at the least. We’ve been married for more than 7 years and have 2 children so it does become difficult sometimes, but we try to make it work…

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