5 Times When the Child Becomes The Teacher!!!



Sometimes to understand what goes inside a toddler’s head, it becomes imperative that the parents must fit in their child’s shoes. This not only helps in creating a special bond with them but also assists in solving a possible meltdown… We must understand that there is no such thing as being ‘Perfect parents’, we do our best and hope that the child turns out alright.


Everything is important

Whether it is a broken toy or an imaginary friend getting hurt, they are all of equal importance and must not be ignored by a parent.

Everything is exciting

Whether it is the dog hiding a bone in the backyard, or a butterfly sitting on a flower, or even the trees passing by quickly during a train ride… we have seen enough of these things happening and take them for granted. However, children are rather inquisitive and enthusiastic about almost everything under the Sun… so instead of ignoring them we can encourage them to find these moments of simple happiness.

Anger & Disappointment

Just because she is a happy kid does not mean she will not suffer from negative emotions. Let’s not laugh at their faces when they are upset or tell them that they look “cute” when they cry. They should express their anger/hurt with drawings or if the kid is a bit older then may be by writing down the feelings will help.

Being Happy

Children are generally happy people who consider most things to be fun and laughter inducing. They usually try to rope in parents as well in their happiness. As parents we must try to see things from their perspective (no matter how silly it is) and join in their laughter madness.

Attachments are important

Developing your child’s EQ is important as developing their IQ for their proper functioning in the future. If they get attached to toys, clothes, people, or even a rock… let them do that. Be there to explain these attachments and let them understand these in their own childhood world.







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