This Mom found out that her child was lying about something!!!

Finding our children lying to us is one of the most heart-breaking moments for all mothers, be it a teenager lying about meeting a friend or a toddler scribbling on the wall. The tension caused thereafter between the child and parent is extremely negative and can get worse over time. Most parents have a gut instinct which tells them that something is not right and they follow suit yet there are signs you cannot miss, which will immediately direct you to the lies kids resort to.

When in doubt whether your kid is being honest or lying, here are a few signs to look out for:

Clearing of throat and swallowing: Swallowing or clearing of throat indicates fear and guilt. If your child pauses during a conversation to swallow or clears his throat, there is a very high chance that he is lying.

Lack of Eye Contact: Your child may avoid looking at you by turning away or hiding his face while lying. Some keep staring either at the ground or away from you. Yet, there are some who stare right into you as they lie but their pretence does not last long enough.

Sudden Change in Behaviour: In order to hide an incident, some kids try to sugar-coat by behaving exceptionally sweet while others act unusually angry or withdrawn. Depending on your child’s normal behaviour, you may know the crux of the matter.  

Overreactions: Kids tend to overreact to things after they lie in an attempt to bury the matter. Their words and reactions may not match the situation when they are involved or know something which you don’t – maybe to defend someone else or themselves.images

Stress and Anxiety: Non-verbal clues such as fidgeting, change in breathing, rapid blinking or closing their eyes longer than usual are signs of anxiety and stress which may be caused due to lying.

Missing Pieces: Some kids are good at it while most get caught while narrating their cock-and-bull stories. They may lie about places visited, people they met or of objects and things they did but if at any point you feel that there are missing pieces to their jigsaw puzzle, probe more. Ask questions and get into the details. There are some who give very little description so as to avoid the trap but it is our duty to make them talk. Listen and you will know.

Most kids lie with the intention to get away with something, to avoid conflict or to get out of trouble. We need to ask ourselves, “What is it that they fear?” We must try to be more approachable to our kids and help them build their trust in us. If that happens, they will soon open out to us and there shall be no reason for them to lie.




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