Why Do We Call Ourselves “ItemMom”

We have received a lot of flak in the past, and continue to do so, for calling our site ItemMom. As a website, we receive a lot of queries from our readers (which are welcome)! Then there are people, who with their sexist myopic view ask imprudent and harrowing questions that we like to ignore. Here we are, after 2 years of launching our website, to calm the nerves of many well-meaning (yet conventional mind-set) followers, fulfilling the need to explain ourselves as to why we call ourselves “ItemMom”…

Ours is a maternity, parenting, lifestyle and a feminist site that deals with topics related to parenting and women in general. We also have bigger plans, but for now one step at a time. At the moment we are and would continue to be a content driven blogging site. So as to address the question why are we called ItemMom – here are the answers:

  1. The initial idea for the name of the site came from our founder’s twitter handle that was already popular – @ItemMom
  2. We intend to boost and help Mompreneurs that have home grown businesses, manufacturing products at home – hence ‘Item’ meaning product and ‘Mom’preneur completely makes sense
  3. We also believe that a woman’s life does not end after being a mom – she can still be as beautiful and gorgeous as before, we also advocate taking care of oneself after childbirth, we believe in ‘dress up’ and ‘show up’ to take control of your life

We were never and will not be apologetic for naming ourselves thus. For all those who still send us messages otherwise, may there be peace with you!!!


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