What Does Your Bag Say About You

What kind of bag do you carry? Did you know that the type of bag you carry says things about your personality? Well… here are a few for you to look at. So let us know which one is you…

The Backpack


Women preferring the backpack, for their daily grind, over other types prefer hands free journey. Probably wants to reduce the number of luggage every day, she carries a backpack which incorporates her laptop, notebook, basic makeup kit, water bottle, some snacks and a stole or a soft hoodie too. You are a free spirited person and do not give a hoot about judgments.

The Satchel


When you prefer to carry a huge amount of your belongings and yet want to make a style and a comfort statement, this is the bag for you. It adds to a no-fuss quality and style to your wardrobe. You have a large personality and are a go-getter in life.

The Tote


You are a multitasker and prepared for any battle that life throws at you. However, you are a little disorganized too.  You have a healthy social life as your tote can work great both as work and party bag. Also whether you are aware of it or not, you may have a little artist hidden within you…

The Hard Shell Clutch


You are confident and love to socialize. You are an embodiment of poise and panache. You also understand what a woman needs to carry for a date/dinner – identification, a credit card, some loose cash, a lipstick/gloss and your keys.

The Sling/Messenger Bag



Worn cross body with the bag in front – You are a cautious person, may be slightly defensive too. You care about the brand of the product you are using. You believe strongly in getting it right every time.  You are a caring person who believes in the happiness of others.


Worn cross body with the bag at the back – You are an independent person and have a clear goal in life. You use a product mainly for its functionality and not its brand value. You are so confident about yourself that others’ opinions don’t matter to you.



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  1. Leena Ramachandran says:

    Funny piece… apparently I am a Satchel….

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