Try These Drinks This Summer And Feel Good!!!!!

74497___gustavorezende___Kids_6_03As summers’ already here we have to take special care to keep ourselves appropriately hydrated. This holds true especially for our kids. From my very personal experience, I realized that a few things are a must at home for the entire summer…. especially if you have a super energetic pre-teen at home like mine.


Sugar powder: You can either purchase it from the store or simply grind regular sugar in the mixer.

Sugar syrup: Equal parts of water and sugar boiled thoroughly and then cooled to room temperature. Once cooled, preserve it in a bottle.

Flavoured ice: 

  • flavored_ice_blocks_imageTea flavour: Brew some tea leaves in water let it sit until cooled.  Freeze it in the ice tray
  • Mint flavour: Thoroughly wash fresh mint leaves squeeze out the mint juice mix it with water and freeze.
  • Lemon flavour: mix some lemon juice in water and also some lemon rinds and freeze
  • Tulsi flavoured: put some fresh Tulsi leaves overnight in a copper container with water. Next day pour the water in the ice tray and freeze.


I keep these handy so that an instant drink can be made when required.

All you need to do is use any of these ice cubes in water and either use 2 tbsp of sugar powder or some sugar syrup (as per taste) and PRESTO… your tasty cool drink is prepared!!! These have a subtle taste which is lightly sweetened for instant energy!




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