Summer Time Skin Care

Summer is here and so are sweat, grime, acne and pimples… Here are few simple steps that will help you keep your skin fresh and glowing throughout the season and give you the beaming look. While discussing these steps, I have put down the things I use so that you can have a reference point.

Wash your face thrice a day with a mild cleanser; (I use the Himalaya purifying neem face wash since I have acne prone skin. It is gel based and works wonders for me)Himalaya face wash

Try to include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your diet to give your skin the perfect healthy glow.

During summers our body is more likely to lose water to trans-epidermal water loss and sweating. Drinking at least 2 liters of water daily can prevent dehydration and flush out the toxins from your body and your skin will start showing positive results. (I am trying my best to follow this nowadays!)

Exfoliate you face twice a week for a clean and glowing skin. Use gel based scrubs with gentle particles to get rid of the dead skin. (I use Neutrogena daily scrub or DIY oats scrub)nutregena daily scrub

Moisturize your skin and apply sunscreen with SPF 30. Please ensure that all exposed skin is covered and reapply every 3 hrs if you perspire profusely. (I use Neutrogena oil free moisturizer for combination skin & Neutrogena sunblock with SPF 50)neutrogena_oilfree_moisture_Neutrogena - sun block


IMG_8259If you have a normal to dry skin you can also use a hydrating mist for the face. Facial mists are meant to cool, soothe and refresh your skin. This will keep u looking fresh throughout the day. (I have a combination skin and I use Mac fix+ as it gives me the dewy look and I just love that) . IMG_8222


If you have an oily skin you can use a matte face powder to smooth your skin texture and also control the secretion of oil and keep you stay shine free. (I use Mac Studio Fix pressed powder)

It is advisable to skip the lipstick altogether and stick to tinted balm. (I use EOS to moisturize my lips and Labello adds a little shine)

EOS lip balm is the subject of a class-action lawsuit.Labello


Use a Fruity or Floral body mists for a freshening effect during summer. (I love this bath and body works floral mist. This one is a gift from my dear friend)IMG_8226

Preferably go for a natural look during the summer. Too much makeup tends to make you sweatier.


Last but definitely not the least….. SMILE!!!!! This brightens your whole face and also the day!


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