OMG!!! These things are sure to break a girl’s confidence…

WORD OF WARNING – For a healthy mental and physical growth of a girl child please do not follow these and raise both your son and daughter to be gender neutral.



Being a girl is a matter of pride and also due to the present situation, it is tough as hell. Right from the time you are born, things have been decided for you. In fact in many families, your right to live is decided by the big-wigs of the family. Then whether you should study or not. Even if you do, should it be as exclusive and expensive as you male siblings, then whether or not you should go to college and where. Post that, you might want to dabble in the job front a little while but eventually you shall be married off because that is how your life should be.



5 things that are sure to break a girl’s confidence right from her early age 

  1. A good girl always listens to what elders have to say and does accordingly.
  2. Log kya kahenge!!!!log-kya-kahenge
  3. You should not study so much. You will not get good marriage proposals if you are more educated that the boy.
  4. You should get married. Else society will blame parents for not doing the right thing.
  5. Having marital problems?? Have a child and things will sort out, because you are incomplete without a husband and a child.


NOTE – Team ItemMom does not condone aforementioned behaviors. We believe in raising gender neutral kids with equal opportunities.


  1. Anjali001 says:

    LOL Log kya kahenge! Best.

  2. Roshni James says:

    Even though we would like to believe that this happens in families with not much education, unfortunately getting the girl married off whether or not she is ready is a common thing everywhere; education does not count there.

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