Sex during Pregnancy


To answer the big question; “Is sex safe during pregnancy” — YES!!! Most parents-to-be need not worry about this and can be at it till the water breaks! The reason for a high sex drive during pregnancy is due to the rise in your estrogen and progesterone levels. These cause changes in your body that boost libido. Estrogen in particular, increases vaginal lubrication and ‘heightens sensitivity’ in your breasts and nipples. However, the same set of hormones can act against you as well. Nausea, fatigue and restlessness may cause a dip in your sex drive as well. Every pregnant woman’s sex drive is unique, so if you are willing, by all means “Just Do It”.

Please consult with your doctor before engaging in any sexual activity if you have a history of cervical weakness, a low-lying placenta, bleeding or abdominal pains or cramps. Also, if your partner is suffering from genital herpes that you may want to avoid any sexual activity as there may be a tiny risk that it may affect your baby.
Will my husband’s sex drive dip now that I am pregnant?

It is not unheard of regarding the partner’s loss of libido during pregnancy. Following may be the reasons for the same. Discuss this with your doctor and see if it helps;

  • Fear of hurting the baby
  • Fear of hurting you in the process of love making
  • Apprehension of impending fatherhood
  • Self-consciousness of the sexual activity in the presence of your unborn child

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