My bedroom… my retreat!!!!


After a day’s hard work, all we want is relaxation and our bedroom is one place that relives us of all that stress, helps us unwind, relax and recharge. Why not turn our room into our very own retreat? A retreat where we can pamper ourselves and not feel guilty about?! With simple use of lighting, fabrics, music and of course creativity, we can transform our bedroom into a spa we may dream of.

Here are a few tips that will help you create your own Retreat:

  • Declutter: First and foremost, throw away all that you don’t need. Remember – only if you throw out the old, there shall be place for new!de-cluttered-room-image
  • Mood Lighting: Although it may sound fancy, you don’t need to empty your purse on this one. You may buy pretty night-lamps and candles from local stores or benefit from online deals. mood-lightingUse side lamps for task lighting as they create an effect which tube-lights don’t and depending on your mood you may increase or decrease the lights from bright to soothing or romantic.
  • Music: Create a soothing ambiance with music or sounds. It could be Ragas, birds chirping or the sound of a flowing stream, you can get that effect with the use of a music player or small movable fountains.
  • aroma-imageAroma: Essential oils, aromatic candles and incense sticks will do the trick! The sense of smell is very important in our overall well-being so carefully choose your scents. Fresh flowers and herbs too are quite appealing. Just make sure to open the windows and let fresh air in as a routine.
  • Sleep Right: Those who are early risers prefer a window facing bed while others prefer to face the wall. Make sure you sleep right. Choose dark curtains if you prefer to sleep in the dark or plan to sleep late. Use good quality sheets and covers since the quality of your sleep highly depends on the fabrics you use. Go for soothing colours which are inspired by nature – Light green, light brown or blue will certainly make you sleep better. Use the same colours for your towels and napkins as well as bathroom accessories. Investing in good quality bedding, pillows and comforters is as good as investing in your own self!
  • Beautify: Simplistic flower arrangements look good and feel great! Placing a few petals in a bowl of scented water arranging a few lilies brings in a lot of positivity apart from beauty.
  • indoor-plants-bedroomGo Green: If you have place for potted plants, get some pretty shrubs and small plants. It will not only enhance the look of your room but also bring in positivity along with oxygen!
  • Meditation: Motifs or small sculptures are helpful in meditation, which too is essential in bringing in positivity.



Bedroom is where one should find solace. Make it special so that it transports you into a state of bliss, wellness and relation to rejuvenate you for another day!








Image Courtesy – Pinterest (main image)

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