Is my child ready to live alone in this world?

Even though our Kids may be prepared to step out, we as parents, aren’t prepared for them to leave. This is the case in most homes and the reason isn’t just love, it’s our insecurities towards them. We judge ourselves if we have taught them well, if they would be able to manage living on their own. Will they be able to take care of themselves? Here are a few life skills that will take care of your child if taught before they leave home.life_skills_image
1. Basic cooking skills: Make sure to teach your child to cook simple and healthy meals that are economical and quick. Doing so will keep your child away from junk food and help save a lot of money too.domestic_skills_image
2. Essential Domestic Skills: They need to do their own laundry, clean up their home, do the dishes and might sometimes need to fix pipes and wires. Make sure to teach them well.
3. Health Care: Simple illnesses need over the counter medication. Make sure your child knows to diagnose symptoms, to check body temperature and the right medicine for the malady.
4. Auto and Machinery Maintenance Skills: Your child should know the basics maintenance procedures for cars and bikes as well as daily-use appliances. They should be made aware of regular oil checks and servicing along with insurance renewals.
5. Money Management Skills: Teach your child to live within a specific budget by making necessary changes lifestyle changes and make your child understand the responsibility of using a credit card.social_skills_image
6. Good Social Skills: The knowledge of carrying on a conversation with adults is very important. It shall be of great help during college and job interviews and also later in life. Manners and etiquettes shall make a good first impression be it at work or in relationships. Make your child understand the importance of accepting ones mistake and apologising. Taking responsibility of our mistakes and saying, “Sorry, it was wrong of me to…” will open new windows of trust and opportunities.
7. Work Skills: One should be punctual, focus on the task at hand and pay attention to details. Delivering more and earlier than expected while maintaining quality are qualities of a successful person.
8. Skill to Judge a Good Character: Teach them to know the good from bad. Sweet talkers and nuisance creators are best avoided.
9. Skill to distinguish between Love and Infatuation: This is a phase of attraction which could not necessarily mean love. Make your child understand the meaning of mutual love which can develop into marriage while passing infatuation and crushes aside.
10. Skills to Act upon Emergencies: Make your child learn basic First-Aid and Emergency Procedures in case of fire, accident or situations that need medical assistance. Never know when that could come handy, for them or for someone else.








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