Introducing solids to your infants

I wish habit was as easy as inserting a chip in your phone. But it isn’t. It’s rather the most difficult thing. For a mother to help her child wean and pick up right food habit is one of the biggest tasks. Often clueless and anxious about the process we end up with some very easy and difficult questions.

  • What is the right age for my baby to start solids?
  • What should I give her first?
  • Can she digest uncooked food?
  • Why does she take so much time to eat?
  • Is food in the market good for her?

There is no right or wrong age to start solids. Pay attention to signs like your baby is able to hold her head; she is opening her mouth every time you try to give her something and if she is able to sit with support. Never give food before four months of age. No milk products to be introduced till she is six months old. Only then you can give her everything other than raw egg and honey till she reached one year landmark.  Pay attention in case of any allergies to nuts and vegetables if any.

To make her eat veggies give her steamed veggie finger for teething. Simply steam vegetable fingers Cool it and let your little one eat it.

Always give fresh cooked food in mashed form. You don’t need to purée it for your baby to have it. Babies don’t need teeth at this age to chew. They have very strong gums. By the time your baby is six months old her intestines are ready to perform.

Give food that tastes bland or tasteless like broccoli, spinach, beetroot, garlic etc.

There is no harm consulting a doctor or your elderly members of family. But do what you feel is right for your baby. Each and every baby is different and has different taste buds.

Let your child make choices. Help her choose the right food and you may see your success in coming years.

You will see with small steps she will reach her food goals soon.

Happy building future!!!

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