Exercising after C-Section

itemmom - Exercising after C-Section

C- Section is a major operation, and the initial six weeks is the crucial healing time.  This surgery is a strain  to your pelvic floor and abdomen; it is advisable not to start with arduous exercising or heavy lifting for first couple of months. However, you can start with your pelvic floor exercises when you are up to it. These work outs are necessary whether you have a C-section or a normal delivery.

Once you feel comfortable with pelvic floor exercises, you can start to work towards your lower tummy muscles. Start this after you have checked with your doctor. If there is a go ahead from him/her, no need to wait, unless there is pain.

You could join a postnatal exercise group, after checking in with your medical practitioner, if you are still:

  • Struggling with walking
  • Finding it difficult to do pelvic floor or lower tummy muscle exercises
  • Feeling the pain even 12 weeks after giving birth

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