Dandruff and Hair Fall; win the war with these DIY treatments!!!


Your ensemble is on point but dandruff and hair-fall can ruin your perfect 10. Contrary to the popular belief (that only salon treatment can help you), these can be controlled with a healthy do-it-yourself hair care routine. Natural home-made remedies may be a little slow in showing results but they effectively treat the issue completely.

To understand dandruff



Dandruff (seborrhea dermatitis) is a common scalp disorder which is a result of eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, irritated oily skin, growth of bacteria and fungus on the scalp, inflammatory skin conditions or an overgrowth of yeast like fungus called malassezia.



Following are the few tips that may help the process of dandruff and hair fall control.

  1. Baking Soda
  • Wet your hair and then rub a handful of baking soda vigorously into your scalp.
  • Rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  • Repeat once or twice a week for a few weeks.
  • Your hair may get dried out initially, but after a few weeks your scalp will start producing natural oils, leaving your hair softer and free of flakes.

*NOTE* – Do not shampoo hair after this treatment!

  1. Coconut Oil
  • Take some coconut oil and mix half the amount of lemon juice in it.
  • Rub it on your scalp and massage for a few minutes.
  • Wash your hair after at least 20 minutes.
  • Follow this remedy two to three times a week.
  1. Olive Oil
  • Heat some extra virgin olive oil until it is slightly warm.
  • Massage it onto your scalp and then wrap your hair in a warm towel.
  • Leave it on for at least 45 minutes or overnight and then shampoo and condition your hair.
  • Repeat this remedy a few times a week.
  1. Aloe Vera
  • Mix few drops of tea tree oil with the aloe-vera gel.
  • Add two teaspoons of rose water to this mixture for a serum consistency.
  • With your hair brush or cleansed finger tips, cover your scalp with this serum and allow it to penetrate for 1 hour before hair wash.
  1. Neem Leaves (Indian Lilac)
  • Boil neem leaves in water
  • Cool and strain it
  • Use it to rinse your hair after shampoo.
  • Use this remedy two or three times a week


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