10 Life Skills Every Teen Should Know


Being a parent means taking care of our kids to the T. In trying to be the best parent, we end up mollycoddling the kid so much that she/he turns out to be an entitled teen who has no discernable life skills what so ever.

In some households, the teen of the house does not even bother to learn how to make a basic meal for self or do the laundry. Why?!? The parents are to be blamed for this. They believe that their kid is the privileged one and the parents do their best for the kid so that she/he does not have to move a muscle.

We won’t be around always, which means, the same kid who has not learned a single self-help skill will be at sea when all the responsibilities fall on her/him. This will end in frustration and displacement of anger/rage.

Below are some of the basic skills that a teen should be aware of

To cook a basic meal

Whether it is a sandwich or simple daal rice, the teen must know this in case of emergency.

Grocery Shopping

Buying vegetables or monthly grocery shopping, the kid should know how it is done within a budget

Paying bills

Everything is online now, so this does not entail the kid to run to the electricity department or telephone office to deposit the bill. Knowledge of how the bills are paid will only help the kid maintain some semblance of responsibility in the future.

Doing laundry

It may be assigned as a weekly/daily chore for the teen wherein all items in the laundry basket must be dumped in the washing machine and washed.

Being kind

Every decent human being and all animals deserve respect and love. For a healthy and happy life, kindness and respect are two very important things that a child should learn. It is the parents’ job to teach that respect and kindness leading by example.

Basic first aid

Every school must teach this too. In case if the teen is in a small accident or she/he sees someone, who might need some help with first aid. Every human being should be made aware of this.

Investment and Banking

How to deposit a cheque or withdraw cash, or how to open and maintain a fixed or a recurring deposit, or how to set up a standing order… these and few others are certain things that a teen must know so that she/he is not left perplexed when the matter is thrust upon them and they do not have a choice but to do it.


No matter how big or small the pocket money the kid receives, they should be taught to pace themselves so that the amount lasts for the entire month and then some. Not everyone is a pro at budgeting from birth, for most, it is an acquired skill, which has to be taught at home from the beginning.


Then again, no one is saying that the kid should be made to do all the household chores, but keeping the house clean is every resident’s job. So, vacuuming, keeping the clothes folded, and keeping the closet clean should be some things that a teen should be well aware of.


Lastly, this! Many parents are still queasy when it comes to talking about sex openly. However, it is imperative, especially in the current social situation. The teens need to know about contraceptives and where to get them, how to wear a condom and most importantly to say “NO” and to respect that “NO” when someone else says it.


No one should be so oddly dependent on their parents that their lives become hellish after they are gone. Parents are there to take care and love the child, but one of their inherent duties is to ensure that the child is ready for the world when he/she needs to venture out and fend for themselves.

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