Make up Essentials we cannot do without!!!!

Each of us is different. Our choice of brands, clothes, colors, how much make up to wear, what makeup to wear, everything makes us unique. Our choices of makeup may range from wear-nothing-on-the-face to wear-everything-I-Own-on-my-face. (No need to snigger, it is a personal choice).

We wanted to know from our readers what brands they liked, what are their daily go-to make items  and what according to them is the one thing that they simply will not be caught dead without. Here’s what 5 of our gorgeous ItemMoms had to say…

Shweta JakhetiaEducational consultant & Pune resident Shweta Aparajita Jakhetia says that her favorite brand is Maybelline as it is skin friendly and her daily wear includes kajal and lip balm. When asked about the one thing that she simply cannot ignore or forget, she said it was lip balms. She must have one handy at all times so she owns quite a few of them.




Snigdha Pandey


Snigdha Pandey Airon from Singapore says that she swears by the brand Mac. She is a commercial model & a business owner and her daily wear consists of concealer, face powder, mascara, liner and a lip gloss.  Her essential make up items are Clinique double face powder and Mac lip gloss.




Reenu SharmaNavi Mumbai resident Reenu Sharma’s favorite brand is Kryolan. She is armed with Kajal pencil and lipstick for her daily wear makeup.  Her inseparable best friend of makeup is kajal and would not leave home without it.





Anuja Singh Rathod


Anuja Singh Rathore, an HR Exec (Xerox, UK) says her favorite brand is Body Shop. Her daily wear includes sunscreen moisturizer, earthy shade lipstick/Lip moisturizer; concealer stick & BB Cream (for a bad skin day). She would not leave home without her lip moisturizer.




Swati NuvallSwati Nuwal, a cosmetologist & a makeup artist from Bhopal does not have one particular favorite brand but an assortment of brands for each item that suits her perfectly. Her choices are Bobby Brown for skin Oriflame for night n day and Mac, Elizabeth Arden & Estée Lauder for lips. She uses Clinique or Bobby Brown foundation or cc cream kohl and lipstick and Elizabeth Arden for fragrance. Her one must-use make up item is Kohl Kajal. She says without them she looks dead empty.



Seems like no matter what amount or type of make up one would wear on a daily basis, Kohl and lip moisturizers exist in everyone’s item list. Do let us know below in the comments section which brands are your favorite and one make up item that you would not leave home without wearing…


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