You Must Try These During The Scorching Heat!!!

Although it is not exactly the time of Summer, but thanks to Global warming, the month of September feels like May/June when it is not raining. So we still need to follow some of the summer routines keep ourselves feeling fresh and well- hydrated. A variety of drinks to reduce mental fatigue and physical tiredness are available in the market. Yet it is better to opt for natural thirst-quenchers rather than artificially sweetened packaged drinks.

Here are some of the best thirst quenchers that we recommend for parents and kids to guzzle down during the raging summers. They are good options to quickly beat the heat and stress that we and our kids face under the scorching sun.

Coconut Water

Coconut-WaterFull of natural minerals, coconut water is a complete heat buster.  Very effective during dehydration, coconut water is refreshing and also gives instant energy. Apart from beating symptoms of acidity and gas, coconut water is a fat-free drink. Also, coconut water is seal-packed inside a hard shell cushioned inside a thick protective covering – no tampering guaranteed!

Note: Coconut water is the purest form of natural hydration. At the time of war, coconut water used to be administered to patients as an intravenous fluid to substitute for the lack of medical saline.

Sugarcane Juice

sugarcane-juiceSugarcane juice is just the right drink to have to replenish a tired brain and body. Even though sweet, it gets your brain working instantly owing to its fructose content. It is also a good source of vitamins and minerals, reviving you quickly and acts as a great summer cooler.

Note: Consume sugarcane juice at hygienic and clean juice-bars only and avoid adding ice as the water used may be contaminated.


buttermilkIn most Indian homes, buttermilk or chhaas is considered as an elixir of immortality and why not, considering its life-giving properties?! Tiredness, stress, fatigue, nausea, lack of hunger and acidity are most common during summers and a glass of buttermilk is enough to ease all these out.

Note: It’s best to have buttermilk freshly made from low-fat curd and should not be refrigerated.


Neera (Palm Nectar)

neeraNeera has been long known for its energy giving and thirst quenching abilities. Extremely low in heat and fat, the drink is high in vitamins and minerals. A glass of neera refreshes you quickly from the tiredness of body and mind caused by heat during long strenuous days.

Note: Neera must always be consumed when fresh, do check the outlet for hygiene and quality. Some outlets pack and stock artificially manufactured drink which looks, smells and tastes like neera.

Panha (raw mango drink) and Kokum (mangosteen) Sherbet

aam-panhaPanha is tasty and healthy summers drink, especially if sweetened with nutritious jaggery. Kokum Sherbet is good to beat the heat and also kills acidity.  Panha and Kokum Sherbet are so much better to consume rather than the artificially manufactured drinks locally available in the market. Vitamin C found in both the drinks boosts up your immunity while they are good in rejuvenating bikers after excessive sweating and exhaustion.

Lime Juicefresh-lime-water

Although acidic in nature, Lime produces alkaline residue in your system when consumed with water, thus being a good solution for symptoms of acidity prevalent during summers. Summer related ailments like dizziness, heat-strokes, and indigestion can easily be cured by drinking lime juice mixed with water. Lime juice can be carried along as a ‘sports drink’ too, thanks to its reviving qualities along with a rich dose of vitamin C.



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