Year End Musings!

Year End Musings!

So the year is almost drawing close to an end. What have I achieved personally? You ask, well, let’s see…..

Weight -The proverbial prankster. You lose some, you gain some. It’s all a hoax, someone just sneaks into the closet and stitches the clothes a wee bit tighter. Hell no! Still a resolution weighing down to be ticked off the list!


Hair – The here now and gone tomorrow; fair-weather friend. That shampoo instructions ain’t right! It definitely does nothing increase hair volume, and I have a sneaky feeling that it adds to the body volumes.

Friends- keep your circle close.  Too many pennies just jingle don’t mingle. Keep it small and simple. I managed to lose a lot of weight in that department literally and figuratively speaking. Love all but trust only a few

Good Spouse/Bad Spouse- yearendmusingsTill I checked last, except for the customary burnt bread or two, the house is still standing and all were reported alive. So we are just getting along on that front.  Still not killed anyone or anything so it’s safe to say that gave been fairly creative and courteous on this one.

Work- The saga continues. It’s always overworked and underpaid. You want to do the best but the best just passes you up and goes someplace else.

So as the year ends and a new year begins, will set new goals and great beginnings. Or shall we just put our pyjamas and just “netflix and chill”?


  1. Gitanjali Iyer says:

    Loved the article. What can I say… weight loss has been eluding me since I was in my late 20s.

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