Wonder Woman — The Review

Name: Wonder Womanwonder_woman_image

Director: Patty Jenkins

Production: DC Entertainment Inc, Atlas Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films, Tencent Pictures, Wanda Media

Release Date:  2nd June 2017 (India)

Duration:  2 hours 21 minutes

***************SPOILER ALERT*****************

While I was loitering in the waiting area of the theater chomping on popcorn  and  waiting for the door to open, I realized more than little girls, the theater was teaming with pre teen and teen boys, many of whom wore their Wonder Woman tee-shirts with pride!  It made me smile thinking that Feminism has a new name – Diana, The Princess of Themyscira AKA Wonder Woman and people love her!!!

The movie is as realistic as possible in a superhero movie. We see WW facing the same ridicule and doubt that any woman face regarding the ability to do her job, or underestimating a person just because she is a woman! We see General Ludendorff (bad guy) quip, “As magnificent as you are, you are still no match for me,” to Diana, even though she has just burst open a wall with her bare hands to beat the lights out of him.

The direction is a fresh breath of air compared to the latest disasters that DCU movies have ended up being!

Let’s talk about the movie – The details of Themyscira (Amazonian Island) are intricate and picturesque. I watched it in 3D and was awestruck, I am sure that IMAX 3D and 4D would be a different experience altogether.  The difference in the tone of the movie is vivid and proves a point. Unlike its counterparts, this movie has ample funny moments and is not mono emotional. The storyline is almost similar to her origin story of the Comic book world (barring a few changes), but one can take it with a pinch of salt owing to creative differences.

Let’s talk about the cast & crew – Patty Jenkins is the first Woman director to direct such a giant budget DCU movie and has done a stupendous job of making Wonder Woman the way she is, both financially and socially. The cast is filled with gems like Robin Wright & Connie Neilson who are above 50 and can put many 30 year olds to shame with their fitness and agility level.  Anne Wolf, the 3 times boxing champion and Gal Gadot –a mother of two, actor, martial artist, model and ex IDF officer. So the female actors in this movie are not just pretty faces but highly achieved women by their own rights.wonder-woman-amazon-warriors-image

The men in the movie are also accomplished actors like Chris Pine (also pleasing to the eye), Danny Huston, a well known name in Hollywood and David Thewlis, whom a lot of us know as Prof Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series.


  • Stunning and panoramic visuals
  • Rupert Gregson Williams’s music is fabulous especially Wonder Woman’s theme music (rather empowering)
  • You get to see a bunch of badass women kicking ass royally


  • No post credit scenes
  • Almost nil Easter eggs for their future endeavors

Verdict: MUST-WATCH for all women and children and men too!!!






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