Why Is Extracurricular Activity Essential For A Tween?

As defined in wiki “Extracurricular activities (ECA) or Extra Academic Activity (EAA) are those that fall outside the realm of the normal curriculum of school or university education, performed by students”.

If extracurricular activities are outside the curriculum (means you would not expect a question on these in your midterms), then why do schools or colleges promote them?

Answer is simple and hidden in another question. What is main motive of a school or a university? It is to provide education to build overall personality of student so they can thrive to find their place in ever changing world. And when you see it that way, these activities in question are outside the curriculum of grades, but not outside the curriculum of character building.

Look at the life cycle, from birth to start of school (the best phase of learning), we educate ourselves on basis of only ECA. That is when we are full of energy; our minds are sharp. On next phase, we learn using books and experiments (Second best phase of acquiring knowledge), here is when we start calling it ECA and academic activities. Next phase is life beyond school (Third learning phase of acquiring, applying and sharing knowledge), here is where learning slows down for most, because ECA and academic activities both mostly replaced by life errands (responsibilities).

So as one can do the math, as ECA decreases learning slows. Why should that be? Here is a partial list of areas that ECA impact.

  1. Clearing up brain toxins.
  2. Make our minds stronger by teaching how to accept challenges
  3. Teach essential life skills
  4. Shape Productivity
  5. Facilitate Healthy development
  6. Opens various options for kids
  7. Enhances Social circle or network
  8. Imbibes Humanity and empathy
  9. Time management
  10. Improves learning how to make Long term commitments
  11. Helps on attaining Scholarships
  12. Contribute to society
  13. Self esteem
  14. Endurance
  15. Persistence

The importance of ECA cannot be emphasized enough and many more such areas can be listed. ECA are irreplaceable part of life learning, hence every individual irrespective of age should be encouraged to do ECA, especially for tweens and teens as they gear up towards future life.

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