Where’s The Party Tonight!


Ever wondered the amount of planning that goes into a kid’s birthday party. Imagine the last minute hick up of the cake not arriving on time or the kid throwing a fit as the blue balloon is not the exact blue colour matching Elsa’s gown in Frozen! Or the 3d (3 dimensional) car cake actually arrives as a picture car cake and your toddler is in tears and there starts the nightmare.

Planning a kid’s birthday is nothing short of meticulously planning a vacation abroad or a trek to the Himalayas. So let’s keep some pointers in mind.

  1. The Cake 

where-the-party-tonight-cakeAlways make sure that you click pictures and save links and discuss in person with the baker the exact design and colour combination  and theme of cake- whether a picture cake, a 3 dimensional cake or a tiered cake , jungle, animals, accessories it could be anything. Also for any changes please make sure calling the baker at least 2 days/48 hours in advance. Always keep the delivery time an hour before the Birthday party unless you are collecting it personally then plan well considering traffic, distance, etc as we don’t want to be late to our own party right!


  1. The Birthday Theme

where-the-party-tonight-themesMake sure that your kid chooses the theme clearly be it Sofia, minions, Frozen, any Disney princess, cars, transformers, any marvel comic heroes or zoo, any sports, anything and all the decorations right down till the table top covers to the cupcakes, eye masks should all go along with the particular theme and colour combination. After all it is the centrepiece at the party.

  1. The Birthday Invites 

where-the-party-tonight-invitesIt goes without saying that the invites definitely need to match your theme also clearly mention the age and the birthday girl or boys name and the time and address. Also the invited should be sent a month in advance to check for confirmed invitees. Nowadays mostly invites are whatsapped or e-mailed so make sure to send the Google coordinates of the location and RSVP so you know what numbers to give the party planner or if at home then the caterer and how many return gifts and games, etc can be planned. Do specify if it’s a kid’s only or with parents too. Let them know the duration of the event if on an outside venue.

  1. The Food 

where-the-party-tonight-foodPersonally I would recommend giving a bulk order for adults and kids; both vegetarian and non-veg. Also select the menu that would suit all palettes. Kids menu should of course be simple and their common favourites are a must. Who doesn’t love fries and burgers and nuggets and juice?

  1. The Return gifts

where-the-party-tonight-return-giftsThey do not necessarily need to be an object you could have an instant click photo of the birthday celebrant with each guest and their families with a photo booth, also props to accompany. Simple useful objects as per age group like Dial changing watches for 5 to 6 year olds, books for 7 to 8 year olds, personalised stationary, chocolate goodie bags with a toy and many event planners offer options or have their standard goodie bags. But always make sure that you select it as per age of the child who is the guest.


  1. The Birthday Costumes 

where-the-party-tonight-costumesThe celebrant of course will wear clothes as per the colour coding or theme that they have chosen but this also includes the parents. Be a sport and dress up as per the theme. Also the birthday invites should specify the dress code for the party, if any that the guests need to follow.

  1. The Birthday games

where-the-party-tonight-gamesThere should be enough games only to entertain the kids like three or four that are simple and music is involved for kids. Two games additionally maybe if time permits for the parents. The gifts for the winners of the games could be anything that would suit your budget and taste lovely water bottles, luggage kiddie cartoon tags, soft toys, projector watches, Sticker and stamping books or anything as per the theme.


  1. The Host with the most 

where-the-party-tonight-host-emceeThe person who keeps the party going is the host especially the one anchoring for the evening. Should be funny and engaging and on their toes. Getting everyone involved and making everyone have a gala time to remember.

  1. Cake cutting

where-the-party-tonight-cake-cuttingMake sure to hand over the party poppers, the party noodle  sprays, balloon busters before the cake is cut, to the Kids so all can burst or open them up just as the  candles are blown and the cake is cut. It’s so much fun, timing is everything





There can be various activity booths like face painting booths, play area, beauty treatment, costume dress up photo sessions, fashion show, pizza making, etc . Make sure there is dancing, lots of lovely trendy music and food flowing at the table along with water and drinks. Of course the birthday boy or girl and their group of friends should be looked after diligently. Please hire a good photographer/ videographer to capture these beautiful memories in time.

Whether you hire a place that will plan it for you or a hall with a party planner and caterer or a private party at home or just a dinner with loved ones make sure to make it a memorable one for the little one as they will grow up and fly away so make memories and click pictures. Make every occasion a special one to remember.


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