When Kids move out…

What is this empty nest syndrome?

You give birth and the children grow and just like the birds they fly away to find their own unique footing in the world and make their own nest some day. So all your life you nurture and teach the child to be independent. However, once they decide to move away and have their own set up and finally practise your teachings, you are suddenly sad and forlorn and that’s when it hits you this empty nest syndrome!itemmom-empty-nest-syndrome-image

Any withdrawal symptoms did you ask?

empty-nestYeah an untidy house, drinking lots of wine, parties uncouth.  No! just  kidding! You still check on the empty room forgetting that the child is now away. Happen to call out your Sonu-Monu-Pinky’s forgetting that they are away.

However there are loads of advantages of the nest going empty. You get a lot of me-time that you kept complaining that you never got. It’s time that you focus on yourself.

Now you can go back to your gardening, reading, blogging, writing a book, travel, etc, all the things that has been waiting on the back burner while you were bringing up your small human.

You see your child’s quirks and distinguished characteristics when they actually leave home and are on their own. Like Lucile Ball puts it “You see much more of your children when they leave home”

It’s just that many parents may end up feeling self pity that they have been demoted from their supervisory position to being just a spectator or a weekend/ holiday hotel facility with all the amenities.

The other way of looking at it is that you focus on developing your own experiences just as your kid will have fresh experiences now. You now are actually upgraded to a friend and an advisor. They go away physically but they actually still do look up to you for lots of hands on advise.

So go drink that wine! Take up that painting or simply meet up all the friends. Focus on your inner self so that this empty nest actually becomes a self filling and not such a bad thing after all!!!



Image Courtesy – www.lynndove.com (main image), Pinterest


  1. Dhiraj says:

    While I cannot agree less, one has to be prepared for the situation with the future generations.. A good read and an intresting thought..

    1. Pooja Bansode says:

      Thank you

  2. Roshni James says:

    My daughter went to her granny’s place for 15 days of summer vacation and I missed her like a crazy person. I understand completely what you are trying to say Pooja…

    1. Pooja Bansode says:

      Yes so true

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