What Kind Of World Are We Living In?

It’s been a disturbing past few days. As a parent, the recent murder of a child has disturbed me immensely. I wonder what kind of a world we have made for ourselves. We should all question this society that we live in. We should question the dreadfully lowered standard of morals. We should question the outright apathy towards other people’s vulnerability. We should question the authorities dismissing any ownership for the state of affairs within their establishments.

This world has seen a rise in violence against women. It is at a time when women are fighting for equality. At the same time there is tremendous increase in violence against children as well. I am a very confused and an awfully worried mother at this point. I can’t be rest assured about the safety of my child even when I send him to school, which ideally should be a place where he receives education and returns home to me, safe and sound.

Schools should protect our children. Schools don’t only educate them but they should be places where they nurture little humans to be responsible adults. Safety should be there utmost priority. We send them our most precious pieces of heart to receive an education, schools should own up and follow measures to provide a safe place for our children.

My question is whom can we trust? What is it that we have done to the society to have such demonic men roaming around in the garb of normal humans? Just as we were trying to make sense of the inhuman butchering of a small child, there was another incident of rape reported. The victim is a 6-year-old child, who was raped by the school peon. The girl tried complaining to the teacher, but was chided away. The child is now battling in a hospital.

What is it that not just the women, but men are targeting these tiny innocent humans? This blog is not an answer or an analysis of anything. It is not a comment or an opinion on life. I am just a concerned mother, whose child goes to school every day, who prays he return home safe. I am just an anxious woman, who when leaving home for work, prays not to be preyed upon by some deranged man. I am just questioning all of us, what we have done to us. Why have we left our values as humans behind, as we march into an enormous new world of technology and knowledge? Why is there so much of monstrosity around? Is it poverty? Is it stress? Is it the diminishing family values? Is it the complete lack of empathy? Is it the complete fearlessness of law? Sex can’t be the reason for these crimes. There is no pleasure in preying upon small children. It is some sickness that is plaguing many more men than it did in the past. Or did such cases not get reported in the past. Do we think that modernization and technology has something to do with this? Or it is the failing economy that makes seemingly powerless men exercise their ‘power’ in such demonic acts. Children and women would always be vulnerable to a male’s physical force.

What is it that has made this world such a dangerous place? Can we all question ourselves; can we all keep an eye open for delinquents? Can we all question and then seek answers for where we are headed?


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