Values For Our Kids…

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to good upbringing of our children. As they grow older, along with values and principles, we teach them about responsibilities and ethics. Sooner than we know, they hop onto college life, graduation and are ready for job interviews! Here are a few lessons all our children need to learn before they step into the big world.

  1. Hard work: Let your kids know that there is no substitute to hard work and the road to success and happiness goes through hard work. There is no scope for shortcuts and cheating and they should never resort to such practices ever as the results are worse than their imagination.
  2.  Integrity: Explain your child the concept of integrity – “Integrity is who we are when no one is looking.” Build their character in such a way that no matter what the circumstances are, they remain honest to their job, their family, friends and more importantly, to themselves.
  3.  Adversity: Since birth, we have been caring for our children and their needs, supporting them, guiding them and shielding them from adverse conditions but now is the time they need to face such situations by themselves. Although our instinct guides us to, we must refrain from stepping in and let them handle the situation themselves. Adversity shall teach them lessons which can never be learnt if all went easy. These are the lessons that will strengthen their character and make them brave.
  4.  Friendship: Let your child know the difference between friends and peers. Friends don’t compete but provide encouragement and celebrate your success. Friends are loyal and trustworthy. And to find a friend, they need to be a ‘friend’ first.
  5.  Family: Healthy relations amongst family members is essential for a good living. Building and maintaining relations with cousins, grandparents and other relatives is also important and brings a sense of wellbeing. Make them understand the importance of making time for family and relatives who need some help or to spend happy moments with.
  6. Giving: The gesture of giving not only brings happiness to the receiver but to the giver as well. Giving in terms of time for voluntary work, help around the backyard or babysitting is equally beneficial. Making somebody happy, especially someone who is in need and cannot return back the favour, brings us joy and blessings as well.
  7. Unplugged Moments: Not all emotions can be captured and not all moments can be photographed. Teach your child to live the moment, to experience and take in the positivity of that moment. Unplug your devices, keep away the phone, stay away from technology for a while and enjoy a few unrushed moments with your loved ones, with nature or even with yourself. Meditation or even silence can heal most of our ailments, mental or physical. Sometimes we need to disconnect, to connect.

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