Types of Indian Mommies

No matter what type of mommies we have we still love them to bits and would do anything to make them happy!

Here is Team ItemMom’s list of different types of mommies. Which one is yours? OR which one are you?

The “Cool” Mommy

These guys are not the regular moms; they are cool and chilled out and may be more of a friend to you.


The “Drama-Queen” Mommy

These mommies will have a patent sentence like “Hey Bhagwaan…. Yeh din dekhne se pehle main andhi kyun nahi ho gayee”… generally pretty dramatic in nature


The “permanently exhausted” Mommy

Full time working mom with no one for assistance and has 3 children (or more), 2 dogs, 3 cats, an aquarium full of fish, a turtle and God know what other alive creatures lurk around the house. Underlined statement is that she is always overworked and exhausted.


The “Emotional” Mommy

These mommies have tears ready for any given situation. So whether you have failed in your exams, or scraped your knee or had heartbreak; she will get emotional for you.


The “Angry” Mommy

You shall not escape her wrath if you do not do things her way or have broken crockery. Not even God himself can save you from her indignation!


Image Courtesy – Tumblr, Buzzfeed, makeagif.com


  1. Yashodhara Jain says:

    I am “drama queen”mommie while my mother used to be “permanently exhausted” mommie 😀

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