This Mom Got Her 6 Year Old Hooked On To Reading


An avid reader herself, Sunita was rather disappointed when her 6 year old daughter cringed at the mention of Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat. Just like her husband, her kid Sonia did not want anything to do with books.  She would rather spend her time getting bored than opening a book. Meanwhile, Sunita really wanted Sonia to dive into the world of books and experience the enormous joy it brings to an individual. Buying truckloads of books and gifting it to the kid was not helping. If anything, she was getting annoyed at her mother. So Sunita decided to try out these few things on a daily basis to encourage her reading habits.

Reading Kid’s books

adventures-of-tintinShe started with her favorite Adventures of Tintin. Upon discussing ardently the things she loved about the characters, she found that Sonia more often than not had started glancing into the comic book when she thought her mother was not watching. Genuine interest shown by Sunita piqued her daughter’s interest in the book.

Forming a ‘Reading Hour’

Sunita decided it was mandatory to have a ‘reading hour’ every day. Initially she started with reading Sonia some short stories. Once her interest was baited, the kid picked up a book to read some of it before passing it on to her. It is a work in progress and Sunita hopes to find success soon.

Letting the kid choose the story/book

Sonia is at a stage now where some days she picks up a random book or a story for the ‘reading hour’. These days she ends up reading more pages on her own.


Every time her daughter finishes reading 5 pages or more, a round of appreciation and a pat on the back is in order. According to her, the day she completes a book on her own, Sunita will treat the kid to something she likes.

Sunita’s situation is still Work In Progress, in which she hopes to achieve complete success in due time. Let us know what all steps you’ve taken to help your child wean into reading.

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