The Irresistible Online Shopping

That pair of shoes you looked at last week pops up in the corner of your screen every time you surf the internet, these are the sponsored or the targeted ads that try to capitalize on the fact that hitting your cache memory again and again with the products that you have selected in your cart eventually makes you buy them. In order to get us to press the buy button, businesses first grab our attention and make us interested enough to buy them. The momentum created depends on how excited we get when we see the item and also whether it can cause a craving and an irresistible desire to purchase.

online-shoppingTo share a fact, most of my closet is the result of online shopping and not in-store. I love to go to the store and check the stuff myself but since I am always on the go, online shopping happens to be easier and quicker. But let’s admit it the buzz of online shopping has made our lives relatively easier and fuss free. You can explore the mammoth of options on your cell phone, laptop, PC etc and that too at your own comfort.

Online shopping not only helps you in conducting an in-depth research but also gives a very good price comparison among various websites. While there certainly is truth to the notion that the art of negotiation is inherited, the advent of E-commerce has helped to pursue this art better. More than ever the shoppers are now empowered by the nearly endless amount of tools and resources they have at their disposal.

Think of it this way, you go to a bar regularly and that cute bartender makes your drink just the way you like it. He also gives you a free drink on and off for your loyalty towards the bar because he wants you to come back the next time you want a place to quench your thirst. Conversely, the same bartender is far less likely to dish out a free drink to a first time patron with whom they have no prior relationship. That is exactly what the E-commerce sites are hitting at, they want you to come to their site again and again and in the process they offer you very lucrative deals which certainly are irresistible and you as a costumer should grab the opportunity and utilize such leverage.


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