The Curious Case of Whatsaap Groups!!!

She is always the first one to raise her hand when the following question is raised in a social gathering:

“Who has the most number of Whatsapp groups on phone?”

That’s right. Whatsapp is the biggest boon and curse of our generation. While it has done a great job in easing communication, bringing friends closer and enabling businesses, it has also cluttered our lives. And let’s admit it. A mother of growing kids is the biggest beneficiary as well as victim of Whatsapp groups.

whatsaap_group_imageBesides being a part of groups with school friends, college friends, maternal cousins, paternal cousins and office colleagues, she has little choice but to be added to groups of class moms, school moms, play date moms, kid’s building friends moms, football class moms, dance class moms, grammar class moms, kid’s ex-school moms, traveling moms, hot moms, cold moms, and many other such moms.

If she has more than one child, you just have to multiply the above number of groups with the number of children she has.

While dads have one or at the most two groups where everything from boys night out, cricket, politics stock market and adult content get shared, moms just can’t get away. The amount of stuff that gets shared on each of these groups is just mind boggling. She has to often keep up with small pieces of very important information such as who got punished in class, which assessment is coming up next week, how much money has been called for the Tae-kwon-do uniform and whether the other parents are going to send their kids to school on a very rainy day.

All the above information is very important alright. However, unfortunately, it gets lost under a mountain of emoticons of hugs, kisses, thumbs up, ‘awww’, ‘tc sweetie’, and many more  such unimportant messages sent out of compulsion, peer pressure or mere boredom.


Is there a solution in sight? I don’t think so. Moms are going to continue to be inundated with newer Whatsapp groups created by over-zealous moms on first day of each new school year!






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  1. Shonali Mitra says:

    True that! My whatsaap is filled with groups especially for my kiddo!

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