The Beauty of Home-Office

A lot of times during any given week I work from home. This helps me beat the traffic and save time. Also I can slip into something comfortable the entire day. There are other perks during those working hours like I can see my dogs playing or sleeping. They are not left alone the entire day and I use my breaks to play games with them or petting them.

Although I have realized that working from home has both its charm and undoing.  I figured that these are some of the plus and minus points of working from home.


  • I save time
  • I am never stuck in traffic
  • I can wear my pjs and work
  • Work hours are flexible and as per my convenience
  • I am saving money on travel


  • If you are living with family then they have the liberty to disturb you whenever required
  • If you have children then they can make as much noise as they feel like
  • If you are not living alone then privacy during work may be an issue
  • Work hours may and often spill into your personal time as well.

Think very carefully if you are planning to open a home-office.

So, if you are still not deterred and want to still go-ahead with your home office, then these are the some of the things that you may require;

A space for yourself

A quiet and well lit place is the first thing that you would require. You can make this place restricted for entrance by everyone else if you’d like.home-office-gadgets

The Basics

Of course you’d need the basics like a laptop/desktop, desk, chair, fan/AC etc.


Some personalized itemshome-office-personalized-space-image

Home office is a space where I want to feel at home and yet working, so I have decorated it with some action figures and fun items. You can have some plants or stickers or anything that makes you happy.



High speed internet home-office-ineternet-wifi-image

If your work is dependent on getting online, then you might want to get an internet service that has better speed than the others and a good wifi connection for your office space.




Printers/scanners, hard drives, phone/mobile, clock, pens, notebooks, post-its, filing cabinets… things which are essential for any office (home or otherwise)


Image courtesy – Pinterest, (main image)



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